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Death toll rises to 3 from inmate riot at Guatemala prison

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A hostage who identified himself as a jail monitor talks with reporters while handcuffed and surrounded by inmates during a riot at the Centro Correccional Etapa II reformatory in San Jose Pinula, Guatemala, Monday, March 20, 2017. A riot erupted at the detention center, and authorities said several jail monitors were killed and several others have been injured. (AP Photo/Moises Castillo)



GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — Another guard died Monday from injuries sustained when gang members rioted at a Guatemalan prison for juveniles and adults, raising the death toll to three, officials said.

President Jimmy Morales tweeted that four hostages had been rescued alive Monday, but police reported later that one of those died after being taken to a hospital. Two other guards were reported dead after the riot began Sunday.

Several other people were injured in the uprising at the Central Correctional Stage II prison in San Jose Pinula, east of the capital.

Imprisoned gang members demanded better food and visitation privileges plus the transfer of at least 250 minors belonging to the same gang who are held in other prisons.

Two weeks ago, a riot at a state shelter for children resulted in a fire that killed 40 girls.






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